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Case Study

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For Chasing the HiHat’s Georgie’s Wundergarten festival, Wild Meep created 17 original videos that reached over 140,000 people announcing the myriad of stages and themes of the festival, thereby promoting their expansion into a weekend long event.

The job:

Georgie’s Wundergarten needed eye-catching original content to showcase on their uniquely interactive website, and social media, and promote their Sunday and Weekender tickets. 

Our Work:

Based on a general brief, we conceived, produced, directed, shot, and edited over 17 videos including: cinemagraphs, perfect loops, boomerangs, clone gifs, and wigglegrams. Each video was built for social media, attracting as many eyeballs as possible, while communicating the right vibe, feel, and story for each stage. Each video was also converted to GIFs and loaded on the Georgie’s website to encourage interactivity.


The Magische Luchtbus

The Magische Luchtbus is a real bus owned by Het Amsterdams Ballon Gezelschap. This artist collective ABG has traveled the world with their Magical Airbus since the 70s, organizing parties and street theater events. Their bus was parked in the middle of Ruigoord during Georgie’s and was the backdrop for their live stage.

King Shiloh

King Shiloh is an Rastafarian Amsterdam based alternative reggae and dub collective. True to tradition they bring their own self-built sound system. 


The notorious Sisyphos Berlin club is known for its outdoor dance floor and festival vibe. A great get for Georgie’s and an important stage host for their Sunday.



Through Facebook, the legendary “Georgie” himself encouraged visitors to play with the imagery from the website and share their creations. 


Our original content received over 140,000 Facebook impressions and Sunday and Weekender tickets sold well beyond initial expectations.


Wunder Weekender

We didn't just advertise the stages and themes, but also showed—in a vibrant visual style—practical info, like Weekender tickets selling out.



Ruigoord Kerk

The formerly Roman Catholic village church is a known and powerful symbol for Ruigoord, as well as a venue space in its own right. 


For the Bordello stage, where you would mostly hear italo-disco, we were told to think “over the top, red lights, fake chique, very camp, but still cool.”  


Presenting a countdown to the festival was an important message that needed to be communicated in a dynamic style, like in this boomerang video.




The Mariana, inspired by the Mariana trench, was one the big stages at the festival. There was no associated hosting partner, therefore our video was the first to establish its deep techno/house and mysterious vibe.



The DAF, also known as the Dutch Acid Family, is an art collective known for their acid parties at Ruigoord and self built decorations. Here we depicted their mascot, a big red school bus, in a striking wiggelgram.

Wilde Rentate

Wilde Renate is a known club in Berlin and a stage host for Sunday. It's famous for its German living room and underground vibe. This was an important stage partner to communicate, which was accomplished with a subtle cinemagraph effect.

2 Weken

The eye-catching countdown continues, this time in a boomerang style with bright coloured candy letters and disco dots painted on a waggling tongue. 

Templo di Satori

Satori is an attention getting artist for the Georgie’s going crowd, and the stage ‘Templo di Satori’ was a valuable showcase for local and international guests, as well as himself. To broadcast this mystical and magical message, we created an otherworldly cinemagraph video featuring Satori himself.


Big Joe's Jukebox

Big Joe's Jukebox was one of Georgie’s own stage concepts featuring Chicago house & disco. We incorporated the heritage of rollerskating and disco to represent the heyday of the genre in a bold style including both a clone loop and a wigglegram.

1WeekTeGaan 600x600.gif

1 Week

With one week left to go until Georgie's Wundergarten Festival, we needed a celebratory image.



Motorcycle Pin

While performing reconnaissance at Ruigoord, one resident proudly showed off his 'Georgie's' pin on his motorcycle and revealed how he excited he was for the approach of the festival in his town. 


Why Not Circus

Exploring the Ruigoord grounds, we sometimes discovered pieces of work that made one wonder, "why not." We of course had to capture this notion and sentiment.


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Daniel & Michelia


Hi there. I’m Michelia Kramer, and together with Daniel also one of the Creative Directors at Wild Meep. With my background in Visual Arts & Communication Design and Photography, I’m responsible for the visuals and aesthetics of our videos. I’m an American by way of Arizona, Portland, Istanbul and now Amsterdam. I’m passionate about communicating powerful and meaningful stories with vibrant imagery. You can check out my photography on my personal website by clicking here.

Hello. I’m Daniel Hillel-Tuch, and together with Michelia, I'm the Creative Director at Wild Meep. At a young age I fell in love with film because I felt it was the definitive method of combining all the elements of storytelling. I’ve worked as writer, director, editor and actor and take those experiences with me to Wild Meep. I feel empowered by the ability to capture and engage others with stories. 



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